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"I started going here 5 weeks after my rotator cuff surgery, Jonathan was very careful and did not push me farther than my limit. They have been very accommodating with my schedule. My range of motion had improved greatly working with them and I could not ask for a better place to go to physical therapy. "
May 10, 2022
"I've received attentive and effective treatment from the Argonaut team, in particular Andrea Tierney. Very grateful for the care provided."
Oct 13, 2020
"Best place for all your physical therapy needs. Staff is very friendly and makes you feel right at home. "
Aug 14, 2019
"While I was working I tore my ACL and after my surgery I decided to go to Argonaut for PT. They did an excellent job at keeping me engaged, building a workout plan, and changing up the routine so it didn’t get monotonous. They were very willing to work around my college class schedule to make sure I had the very best experience. After several months of PT I was able to get right back into my very physically demanding job of Wildland firefighting. Couldn’t have done it with out this very dedicated team of professionals. Thank you all! "
Apr 08, 2019

Raymond Fletcher

Raymond F.

My first encounter with Argonaut Peak Physical Therapy came in August 2011 when the VA medical system gave approval for outpatient physical therapy following major surgery on my left shoulder. The VA surgeon (Dr. Wilcox) had worked a miracle putting my shoulder back together after an 80 mph motorcycle wreck.

I remember meeting Jonathan when he was maneuvering my hurt shoulder into a position a double joint person couldn’t reach. I thought “does this guy have any idea how badly my shoulder was broken?” Well…to make a long story short…look at me now. Not only does he know exactly what he is doing, but Leticia and all of the other therapists do too.

They just know when to push…and when to pull…they know my limitations! The VA orthopedics dept. has recognized the work that Argonaut does and continues to send me back for all of my aches and breaks.

I tell all of my veteran friends about the treatment I have received and I highly recommend Argonaut Peak Physical Therapy to everyone.

John D.

Twice over the past year, I’ve received treatment from Argonaut Peak Physical therapy. My first experience was for an Achilles Tendon injury followed several months later for recovery from shoulder surgery. In both cases I received excellent and professional treatment in an atmosphere designed to promote strong customer service. The entire staff from the scheduling desk to the main floor creates an environment focused on care and efficiency. The center is friendly and supports the development of a strong relationship between therapist and client. Working directly with Jonathan Suttles and his assistant Leticia Leal, I felt like we created a partnership in pursuit of my health and recovery. Jonathan’s experience and knowledge is easily observed through clear and concise communication. His style combines direct feedback, hard work, and fun. Often, throughout the center you here clients joking and laughing with the staff. I work at the University and the convenience of having a Physical Therapy Center right across the street is important to me. I would unconditionally recommend Argonaut Peak Physical Therapy for excellent service and effective results.

Eileen Mallone

Eileen M.

John and the crew at Argonaut PT are so nice. They did so much for me when I hurt my shoulder. After sessions of therapy my shoulder is better than before. Had therapy on my knee, can walk 2 miles without pain.

I would highly recommend Argonaut PT.